Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We have reached our goal!

We have reached our financial goal!

ASRC has generously donated the remainder of the money needed to purchase all of the items we will need for this summers first ever Anaktuvuk pass Gardens in the arctic project!

Now that the worries of the financing the project are eased I have begun planning the gardens and working out the schedule for the seedlings.  Which is trickier than you would think! The school closes on the end of May and our last frost date is June 1st so it will be a tight fit. 

I plan to have a couple fo small greenhouses in the back to house the baby plants where I can also monitor the hardening off process and give them a good start.

I did stop by the school last week and talked to the kids about composting.  They have a small bin going that will be invaluable to this summers plants!  They also chose what they which veggies they wanted to grow this summer at home. 

A pic of me talking to the class....with my cutest baby distracting them in the back...

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