Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Growing season has started!

The 2015 growing season has officially started! 

I made my way to the high school early this morning where the students had their first taste at becoming arctic gardeners!  We started 20 tomato plants (subarctic - 25) , 6 pepper plants (New ace hybrid) and 6 rosemary plants. The seeds were started in 'black gold' seedling soil and placed on a heat mat to jump start the germination process. 

I talked a bit about the how our tiny seeds decide that they are ready to grow (signaled by moisture and heat!) and about the first bits to come out of the seed and what they do.  We also talked about how they will need to be kept moist and warm till they develop there first true leaves and then we will be putting them under the grow lights.   In two weeks we will be starting our next set of plants!  By the time we put plants outside around June 1st (our last frost date) we should have about 150 plants total. 

I will be stopping by next week to see how they are doing!

Some photos.....

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